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MODM Mini White Jade Massage Stones (pair)

MODM Mini White Jade Massage Stones (pair)

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these mini stones, ergonomically-shaped to fit into the hands easily are perfect for:

- massaging in serums + oils

- contouring the face

- easing muscle tension

- soothing puffiness around the eye areas

made with white jade, the stone renowned for promoting a sense of serenity, healing + peace, these mini stones are natural cold to touch but can be kept in the fridge to keep even cooler, minimising inflammation


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how to use

use day + night on clean skin with MODM Vitamin Repair Face Oil or MODM Vitamin Repair Balm before applying moisturiser of your choice

- using a light touch for contour + draining puffiness, move from the centre out towards the ears

- linger over points of tension, e.g. the jaw, temples, circling using a deeper pressure

- around the eyes, use a gentle touch, without dragging the skin, just enough to increase the micro-circulation