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Newsletter: Volume 1 | MODM White Jade Massage Stone





Last year, we launched the MODM White Jade Massage Stone + we wanted to share why + how you should be using it.



Whilst there is nothing that will feel as healing, as soft, as calming, as renewing + as intuitive as another person performing great facial massage on you, a facial massage stone used daily can also provide a means to unblocking energy, unclenching tight muscles, releasing tension at pressure points AS WELL as lifting, smoothing + stimulating  for glowing, vital skin.


Our design has been influenced by the Chinese art of Gua Sha, but we’ve also made our tool versatile for deep lifting, stimulation + micro-drainage, for contouring + moulding around the bone structure of the face.

The use of stones to help alleviate pain or illness has existed for thousands of years.

Gua Sha actually means 'scraping', + in traditional Chinese medicine, the stone would be used to create heat + erythema over sore muscles for its analgesic effect + to draw out fever or toxins. But it was also observed to help create definition on the face + soften fine lines when used in the correct way.

It also happens to feel amazing, completely exemplifying the type of healthy life practices that MODM tries to encourage...that fusion of simplicity, of ancient wisdoms integrated into modern living, promoting the balance between good physical wellbeing + good mental wellbeing.


White jade is a stone renowned for promoting a sense of serenity, healing + peace. So try to incorporate some controlled breathing, inhaling deeply through the nose, then exhaling with each movement to regulate speed.


The stone is also cold to the touch + can be used to cool + soothe inflamed areas. Store in the fridge, covered so it doesn’t get wet, to keep it even colder.

Or run the stone under cold water for a few seconds for that cooling effect.

Alternatively, warming the stone under hot water, + using the stone in gentle stroking movements, especially during colder weather, can feel incredibly comforting.


The shape of our stone has been inspired by the natural contours of the face, neck  + chest.


The  smooth undulating edges fit specifically the neck, the jaw, cheekbones, sinus + under eye areas for gentle draining strokes, for lifting muscle + for pressure point release.


Our sculpting stone has added comb edges for micro-stimulating to improve blood flow, for irrigating stagnant lymph flow (which can cause puffiness + congestion) + for aiding to soften fine lines around the mouth, eyes + forehead.


Try to incorporate it into your daily regimen, as little as several minutes in the morning can really make a difference. Ideally, use after you've cleansed your skin with some oil or serum to help absorption before applying moisturiser.

For the facial massage routine, look at our tutorial via IGTV @modm or




Not only can the stone be used on the face, but it can be really effective for smoothing out knots in the shoulders + neck, or with a gentle stroking motion over cellulite in the direction of the heart for encouraging better lymph drainage. 


The ergonomic shape of the stone makes it easy to diffuse tension yourself + for the edges to fit into the contours of the shoulders, especially into the trapezius where knots tend to accumulate. Or get someone willing to help - it's easier to get a deeper pressure with the stone, + saves putting too much strain on fingers or thumbs.


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