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Newsletter : Volume 2 | MODM Vitamin Cleansing Gel

Newsletter : Volume 2 | MODM Vitamin Cleansing Gel


When we were deciding on a  formulation for our signature cleanser, we wanted a texture that felt unctuous, soothing + decadent - but as if it were giving as much to the skin as it was removing surface dirt + impurities


that's why we chose a gel formula, with a viscosity that encouraged some deeper massage movements + thus a level of connection with your skin when cleansing

with a little sweet orange essential oil for lifting the mood + reflecting the vitamin c-rich formula, we infused the gel with a carefully considered blend of base oils  -


- plum kernel oil - vitamin b5-rich, for soothing

- pomegranate seed oil - vitamin k rich, antimicrobial

- sea buckthorn oil - vitamin c rich, powerful antioxidant (this is where the amazing colour comes from!)

- macadamia nut oil - rich in omega 7 for healing

- safflower oil - vitamin e rich for fighting inflammation

- evening primrose oil - rich in gamma linolenic acid for hydration



so our Vitamin Gel Cleanser conditions, brightens + heals at the same time as it cleans

leave it on a while + massage, really working it in, then I will add a little water which turns the cleanser into a milky consistency - perfect for using around the eye area, removing stubborn mascara 

remove with a warm cloth + repeat to double cleanse if necessary, although I usually mist on MODM Facial Refining Mist, using it as a toner for a refreshing deeper but still gentle cleanse


it's suitable for all skin types - making it a great gift for others, natural, vegan + cruelty free

and, as with all of our products, is hand made in small batches - blended with care + craft