The Method Ceramic Oil Burner

The Method Ceramic Oil Burner

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Our The Method Ceramic Diffuser is designed to create a ritual from the process of fragrancing your room. This diffuser draws the eye with it’s soft lines and contrasting textures. Individually hand-made, each is slightly different and therefore unique. Perfect for burning our The Method ‘No. 1’ Essential Oil Blend.


approx size -

height 11cm

diameter 10.5cm

handle to handle 13.5cm

base is matt glazed / lid bowl is gloss glazed inside and out


please note - each diffuser is individually hand-made and therefor each will have differences in size, shape, colour and texture.


How to use

- place a tea light at the base of the outer bowl

- add a few drops of essential oil to water in the upper bowl

- gently place lid/upper bowl onto the base/outer bowl aligning the handles with grooves

- wipe clean after every use




-  place on a level surface

- do pick up or move diffuser when in use

- let diffuser cool down after use before moving

- never leave the diffuser unattended

- keep away from children and pets

- keep away from drafts

- keep away from flammable materials