Sans [ceuticals] Pink Clay Cleansing Bar

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Excellent for sensitive skin types, this hand crafted cleansing bar is made from the highest quality ingredients to nourish and care for hands. Each individual soap is rough cut, straight from the mould and is unique in shape and texture.





a gentle yet effective cleanser

keeps skin’s delicate pH and moisture barrier intact

contains Manuka honey to nourish + repair


Highly anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Soothes and heals inflamed skin making it excellent for eczema prone skin. A potent healer, it possesses anti-septic properties and therefore widely used in intensive care wards in the treatment of burns. The anti-bacterial compounds in Manuka honey, called “inhibines,” continue working even after removal of the honey.


Excellent for sensitive skin types as it reduces irritation and inflammation. Pink Clay is rich in Silica which improves skin elasticity and cell renewal. It is also gently exfoliating, leaving skin silky soft, smooth and radiant.


Helps to rebuild a healthy ecosystem in the skin. Probiotics also strengthen the skin’s barrier function—this is what protects against water loss, external pollutants and microorganisms. Soothes and reduces inflammation.

Massage soap onto wet skin and lather for 30 seconds, allowing ingredients to effectively cleanse and treat the skin.