Ro Collection Oak Serving Stand

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Oak piece is a wooden object with a plateau which besides from its sculptural value is inviting to be used in different ways. Use it on the dining table for exquisite delicates such as salt, cheeses or caviar. On the bedside table for the highly treasured jewelry. From the handpicked massive logs, the Oak pieces are created in a dedicated and slow handcrafted woodturning process which spans over several days. 


Each Oak piece has to rest and dry, during the long process to avoid deep cracks. When the perfect shape is achieved, the wood is treated with walnut oil to make the wood appear in the most beautiful way, disposing its life, the graining and adding a darker glow to it. 


Oak pieces are designed by Mikkel Karlshøj.


Oak wood.



H 7 cm, Ø 29 cm.