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LO Studio - Bergamot Clouds - Scented Candle 125g

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Bergamot, Sandalwood, Violet, Patchouli + Incense

I laid on my side on a bergamot cloud
Yawned then sipped from a cup brushed by Dali

It shifted and melted and I smile and still want it
With an eiderdown duvet hovering above me

The scene was a candle that I then could not handle. But now if I burn anything – That’s it

LO Studio

Our candles use 100% natural non GM vegetable wax which is fully sustainable, fully traceable and replenishable.
They are vegan (no animal fats used or beeswax) We use essential oils, absolutes and resinoids and balsams.

Our oils are distilled to a greater concentration than standard forming a liquid resin. This is then mixed with our candle wax producing a highly fragrant candle. We do use fragrance oils that are non- distilled.

Our candles are finally hand poured the traditional way by chandlers not machines in UK. We produce small batches for freshness.

Our wicks are cotton and paper
(no tin or lead used)
The candle glass includes 20%
of recycled glass.
Our lids are 80% recycled steel.
Our boxes use 80% recycled paper.

We do not test on animals.
We have no herbicides or pesticides.
We are non GMO.
No parabens.
No bleaches or dyes used.
No palm oil.
No fragrance enhancing chemicals.
No glues or binders.
No lead or tin.
No single use plastic.

But we will strive to do better.

Up to 30hrs burn time.