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Laboratory Atlas Perfume

Laboratory Atlas Perfume

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Laboratory Atlas Perfume


pipe tobacco | rum | vanilla | hay | cinnamon | ginger | black pepper

nostalgia is a form of time travel for the emotions, + scent can be the most powerful way to trigger it

for Laboratory Perfumes, a whiff of pipe tobacco can be enough to unleash a fond flood of childhood memories into the hippocampus

so, when it came to determining the base for our fifth fragrance, they chose something very personal – that earthily aromatic tobacco note

with the help of a knowledgeable but somewhat bemused tobacconist, they went through dozens of different blends + cures in search of the right scent to build upon

the one they settled on had a whisper of the exotic, reminiscent of Morocco, so back in the lab they introduced supportive layers of rum, vanilla + hay that intensified its North African character

spiced with cinnamon, ginger + black pepper, + complemented with the warming, woody aromas of fine Cognac, the result is a complex + confident fragrance that unveils intriguing new layers + facets as the day goes on



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