MODM Face Ritual Box

MODM Face Ritual Box

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MODM Face Ritual Box

each luxury box contains -

1 x MODM Vitamin Face Oil - 30ml

1 x MODM Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facil Tool

1 x MODM Conditioning Lip Oil ( Mandarin or Mint )


Gua Sha Facial Tool

the Gua Sha rose quartz facial tool can be used
for contouring, sculpting, de-puff
ng + lifting the skin including the chest, neck and eye area.
use as part of your skin ritual daily for radiance. 


Vitamin Repair Face Oil - 30ml

this natural face elixir is vitamin-rich, reparative + packed with antioxidants to protect + quench the skin

key ingredients:
rosehip oil - rich in omegas 6 + 9, + vitamin A for protection + softening fine lines blueberry seed oil -for brightening + firming
evening primrose oil -rich in gamma linolenic acid for fighting inflammation baobab seed oil - vitamin c rich for repair + boosting collagen production


Conditioning Lip Oil - 10ml

our lightweight, 100% natural oil nourishes + conditions the lips. the blend of anti-oxidant rich oils including jojoba, watermelon seed + strawberry seed oil is easily absorbed + designed to give the perfect boost of moisture to hydrate lips + soften fine lines around the mouth. layer with lipstick or balm.
with an easy to use, comforting + cooling roller ball applicator.

key ingredients
strawberry seed oil - rich in Omega-3 for hydrating + healing
watermelon seed oil - rich in essential fatty acids which help to restore elasticity to the skin. jojoba seed oil - for calming, high in vitamin E + B for protection + rejuvenation