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The Method 'STILL' Natural Incense Sticks

The Method 'STILL' Natural Incense Sticks

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'S T I L L '



bring a sense of stillness to your space with our natural Indian incense | the ritual of burning incense to change the energy of a space has been used for centuries across the world

the scent of sweet wood, green notes + musk is designed to bring your mind to a place of stillness

our hand rolled incense is made in small batches in India using traditional methods from all natural distilled water, flower petals, flower essences and resins

95% organic


approx burn time 50 mins

please note each batch will differ slightly due the fact that the sticks are hand rolled using tradional methods


how to use

- light tip of incense and let it glow

- blow out the flame

- place stick in a burner


Use with MODM Brass Incense Holder 


Distilled Water, Pure Ultra Ground Charcoal, Clear White Bamboo,Flower Petals, Flower Essences, Amber Resins, Sandalwood (santalum album),Cedar (cedrus deodora), Vanilla Powder (vanilla planafolia), Gum Elemi (canariumluzonicum), Gum Opoponax (opoponnax chironium koch), Gum Labdanum (cistusladaniferus), Gum Copal (bursera ordorata), Mastic (pistacia lentiscus),Gum Dammar (shorea wiesneri), Gum Myrrh (commiphora myrrha), Makko Powder(machillus thunbergil), Tragacanth Gum (astragalus species), Gum Olibanum-Frankincense(boswellia spp.), Gum Arabic (acacia nilotica), assam argarwood oil, musk oil from seed