58 Lifestyle Balancing Room Mist

58 Lifestyle Balancing Room Mist

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58 Uplifting Room Mist With Extracts of Jasmine and Geranium



58 Balancing Room Mist is a 100% natural clean air spray infused with top notes of Jasmine and Geranium extract and water. This hero product is perfect for use whenever you feel the need to transform your surroundings and bring about a feeling of balance and wellness. It is free from harmful toxins and chemicals often found in synthetic room mists, enabling you to embrace clean living and nourish your senses. Scroll down to read more about the therapeutic benefits.



Gently mist into your surrounding atmosphere, close your eyes and inhale and exhale three long breaths. Stop, be still, then carry on…

58 Balancing Room Mist Therapeutic Natural Ingredients

Jasmine is an intensely floral scent renowned for its aroma which brings about mind relaxation, helping to banish fear and stress. It has long been used to aid relaxation, balance hormones and ease depression. Geranium is commonly used for treating anxiety and insomnia in aromatherapy and the scent is predominantly soothing and calming.